Preschool Grad Review | Judy's Early Learning Preschool

Preschool Grad Review

I had the pleasure of attending Judy’s from 1990-1992 and I still hold the memories I made there near and dear to my heart. I remember making crafts, singing songs, playing dress-up, and hoping desperately to be granted with one of the coveted blue cups at snack time. I still speak of my time at Judy’s with some of my childhood friends, and they all echo the same sentiment (though the cup colour of choice changes from person to person). It’s funny, none of us think of our circle times as direct instruction, our craft times as fine motor development, our snack as nutritional, or our stories as educational, all we remember is the fun that we had with our friends. That is the beauty of Judy’s philosophy, kids get introduced to education without ever realizing it. They develop all of the skills that they need to be successful in school, without any of the pressure of a big school building or report cards. Furthermore, they gain a group of likeminded peers that they can rely on as they navigate their way through “big school”, as they call it at Judy’s.

I feel like I learned most of what was really important in life at Judy’s. I learned how to share, how to be part of a group, and most importantly, how to love learning. I have applied these lessons throughout my life and I now work as a teacher passing on these lessons to others. As a continuing member of the Bedford community, I see Judy’s grads at my school everyday. Each time I see one child reaching out to another out of kindness, or patiently waiting their turn, I can’t help but wonder if they gained these important life skills at my former preschool. I have seen firsthand the enduring affect of a warm and nurturing Judy’s preschool experience, and I know that the impact can last for years after the specific memories of the lessons taught have been forgotten.

I feel so grateful for having had the opportunity to learn and grow in such a safe, nurturing, and creative environment. Now that my friends and colleagues are starting to have children of their own, I am always singing the praises of Judy’s Early Learning Preschool. Why put your children in an industrialized setting when there are wonderful, small schools like this available in our community? When I have children, there is no question that they will be attending Judy’s.