Judy's Early Learning Preschool, Bedford, Nova Scotia | Testimonial

Parent Review

What do I like about Judy’s Nursery School hmm.. EVERYTHING. I have had one daughter Haley Mae go there for 3 years and had the best beginning in her school years because of Pam and Judy. They really helped me shape my little girl who is maturing into the most beautiful, sweetest little girl and for that I forever thank them.

Yep, I was in actual labour attending Haley’s graduation from Judy’s with my son Owen and well no question he was going there and had a spot when time came. So up grew Owen to 2 1/2 years old and tiny as could be tool my hand and went right into the open arms of Pam and I didn’t worry one bit. Also once again, these wonderful ladies helped shape my little man and get him ready for the big school world. When he graduated from there it was one of the saddest days I thought we would ever go through. See we all became one big preschool family and could count on the teachers and trust them and love them and that’s when they became more family to us than teachers.

Our family will be forever grateful to the teachers of Judy’s. I would recommend this school to the president’s children. Thank you to each one of you who helped my little ones become who they are today. We love you.