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Our Program

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The goal of our program is to provide the children with the skills and knowledge they need to confidently progress to grade primary. We strive to instil a love of learning and exploration that carries over a lifetime of education. We feel children learn best while having fun so we follow the internationally accepted philosophy of teaching preschool children of learning through play. In addition to academic skills, children learn how to interact with their peers and are encouraged to be respectful of others, share, learn to take turns and develop the skills necessary to be a good friend and classmate.

One of the many benefits of attending Judy's is that we provide a low teacher to child ratio of one teacher for every 7 children. The average in the majority of metro's preschool programs is one teacher for every 12 children. Our low teacher to child ratio allows the teachers to have much more one on one time with your child to meet his or her individual needs. Our staff provide nurturing care and a positive attitude which encourages the children to enjoy learning and grow to feel confident that they can succeed in their learning now and in the future.

Another advantage of Judy’s is the size of our preschool. There are never more than 14 children in the building with two teachers to ensure the safety and quality of their care. Our program has two components, teacher lead activities and free play/free choice activities. In each class there are two teacher lead circle times that provide teacher directed learning opportunities for children. Circle time allows for children to improve their attention spans and learn how to share ideas and contribute to a group learning experience. The first circle time is held early in the class and focuses on the calendar, weather and exploring the topic or letter of the day with songs, finger plays, activities, music and movement. Children are also exposed to french through
learning numbers, colours and greetings. The second circle time is held towards the end of the class. This is a teacher lead story-time promoting early literacy skills through our vast library of books, flannel stories and listen and learn stories. This circle also reinforces the theme/letter of the day.

Early handwriting skills are developed using an internationally recognized learning to write program called Handwriting Without Tears. Our staff has received training in this program and are well equipped to teach it to the children. The children learn how basic shapes make letters and correct letter formation through fun activities and songs. Mat Man is also part of this program and is used to teach shapes, build vocabulary, following directions and sequencing skills.

Our program encourages exploring art and imagination through use of various mediums of paint, glue, crayons, scissors, markers, pencils, stickers, wallpaper, stencils, and much more. Each day children create and take home a craft, drawing or painting which reinforces the theme/letter of the day. Our children love to create from just about anything offered in the art area each day. In addition to encouraging creativity, time in the art area it also encourages fine motor development skills of proper pencil grip, learning scissor skills, learning to print letters of their name to identify their art work.

There is time set aside in each class for free play/free choice activities. During this time children can choose and explore a variety of educational activities that stimulate their growth and development. Educational games on computer and tablet teaches the children to use technology and improves eye hand coordination. Building with large and small blocks to create castles, planes, pirate ships, etc. for imaginative play. They learn to think, plan and work with others to create anything they can imagine. Fine motor skills improve as they create with Lego, Lincoln Logs, Flex blocks, gears and more. Role playing in our Housekeeping/Dramatic play area lets
children explore and try out the many roles they see in the world around them. They can become anything they want to explore from a firefighter to a kangaroo. Children can enjoy sensory play with sand, water, sensory bins, play dough, etc. Children love exploring texture and learn important concepts such as heavy versus light and sink versus float while stimulating their imaginations.

The value of exercise for a healthy body to grow and develop is taught through daily motor activities and yoga stretches. Children enjoy outdoor activities and play whenever weather permits. Our preschool has a fenced outdoor play space with an extensive play structure, grassed area and natural play spaces. We believe this outdoor play area sets Judy's apart from the preschools located in malls and commercial locations. Our outdoor play area is a treed, grassed backyard where children can explore nature.

Our children are exposed to very early public speaking skills through a monthly Show and Tell day where they bring in something to present to their classmates. Children also sing a few songs for their family at the year end graduation ceremony. Children are much more confident in speaking in front of other children by the time they graduate from Judy's.

We encourage healthy eating habits both by serving nutritious snacks and by setting healthy examples in the play food in our kitchen play area. Children can enjoy preparing fruit/vegetable snacks, sushi, stir-fry, salads, pitas and other healthy food choices in their imaginative play. Experimenting with preparing these foods for their dolls and friends may make children more willing to choose and try eating these foods themselves.