About Judy's Early Learning Preschool, Bedford, Nova Scotia

About Us


Judy's Early Learning Preschool was established in 1990 as Judy's Nursery School on a quiet court in Bedford. The founder and owner, Judy Hines, had a vision of creating a school where young children would learn while having fun. She custom built a preschool for young children on the lower level of her two storey home at 29 Meadowview Drive in Bedford, Nova Scotia. The school remains at the same location. In 2013 the name was changed from Judy's Nursery School to Judy's Early Learning Preschool. The term nursery school had become synonymous with a school for infants, so it no longer accurately reflected the high-quality preschool program that Judy's offers.

Judy's Early Learning Preschool is considered one of metro's top preschools. The school has operated with full enrolment for almost all of its existence. It is sought out by parents because of its reputation for being an excellent learning environment where children have fun each and every day. Many of Bedford and surrounding area teachers have enrolled their children in Judy's over the years. When teachers enroll their children in your school, you know you are doing something right. Our alumni also speak to the high quality education provided here, as many of Judy’s grads have gone on to accomplish great things in their communities. Most recently we heard from students who have graduated from veterinary college, who have become medical doctors, and who are employed abroad at a Canadian embassy.

Judy's has been fully licensed under the Department of Community Services since 1990. As a licensed child care centre, our facility is required to be built and equipped following certain standards. Our program must also be designed and implemented within the guidelines set and our staff must meet specific educational requirements including yearly certification upgrades. We are inspected twice a year by the Department of Community Services as well as the by fire and health departments. Judy's has always either met or exceeded guidelines that have been set by the government. Preschools that operate as unlicensed centres are not held to these same standards.

There are many noteworthy features of our facility including large windows on three sides of the building. These windows provide lots of natural lights while allowing the children to watch nature from the inside. There is a bathroom specifically designed for preschoolers equipped with all of the necessities at a lower level. The children enjoy the independence of being able to reach the soap, sinks, and paper towels themselves. The school is also has a full kitchen that allows for children to practice some basic cooking skills. The school measures 30 ft by 40 ft feet or 1,200 square feet in total. It is a spacious preschool but small and cozy compared to the much larger centres. The preschool has undergone many physical changes over the years and has always been kept up to date with the latest equipment and supplies. The preschool looks and feels like a brand new school with the latest in everything your child will need to learn.

The yard of the preschool is completely fenced and includes an elaborate playground. The yard has lots of trees and a grassed area perfect for natural play. We consider this to be a big advantage over centres that are built in malls or large commercial centres where the playground is often located in the parking lot with no trees or natural vegetation for the children to enjoy.

A child's first exposure to education often sets the tone for how they feel about education their entire lives. If your child attends Judy’s, this first exposure will be a positive and enjoyable one.